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We Provide fully ready and managed Bulk / Mass mailing SMTP Server, The SMTP Comes with Web based Email Marketing Application also Multiple IP Auto Rotation System.

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SMTP how its working

How it's Work?

Our bulk / Mass mailing server setup is a combination of web-application and email server (SMTP server). We will do all the configuration on our server, which will be required for sending emails in bulk quantity. We will install one web-application on your domain and this front-end will be connected with your email server for sending mail. Through this web application you can send upload and manage your contact lists, create and send your email campaigns and check the statistics. This is a complete bulk mailing solution and you will not need any other 3rd party application But still if you want, you can connect your email server with any other tool/application using our SMTP Credentials.

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Mass Mailing SMTP Server Features

We Provide the best SMTP Server with Multiple IP Rotation for Maximum Delivery & Inbox.

  • Email Personalization (Merge Tags)
  • Upload or Import Content
  • Schedule your Campaigns
  • Send Attachments
  • No Duplicate/ Wrong Formatted Emails
  • Get Started Quickly & Easily
  • Shortly Server Provisioning
  • Easy, Automatic Unsubscribes
  • Suppression list
  • 1Gb/s network connection
  • Hard-bounce/ Soft-bounce Reports
  • Link Click Tracking
  • SMTP Email Logs
  • Dedicated Control & Functionality
  • Open rate & click rate report


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Easy Setupe

No programming required. We setup SPF, rDNS, MX and DKIM, DMARC from or end.

Clean & Modern Design

Design your campaign using rich text editior, Send text or HTML emails with attachements.

SMTP Relay

Sending via SMTP Relay is the fastest and easiest way to get started with 100% secure system.

Web Application

Send email using our webapp that works in most web browsers, which means you don’t need to download.

Track Campaign

Track your campaigns using built in feature with detailed open, click, bounces, unsubscribed etc.

Cloud Technology

Our SMTP Service fully cloud system which help you for now downtime SMTP Server, Always get be Live Plartform!

Easy to use

Its Very user-friendly smtp solution. It does not involve any complex words, just a simple and effective.

24/7 Support

Our robust platform is available 24/7 365 days a year. It enables your contacts' inboxes effectively.

Dedicated smtp servers to send millions of emails on daily with cheap price

You can pay us using Credit Card, Bank/Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Skrill, Western Union, Moneygram etc.

$65 was $72.99 Per Month
  • Daily Limit: 70000 mails
  • VDS SMTP Server
  • Mail Sending App
  • 5 Dedicated IPs
  • IP Rotation: Yes
  • Statistics Report: Yes
  • Setup Fee $40/One time
$150 was $164.99Per Month
  • Daily Limit: 200000 mails
  • Dedicated SMTP Server
  • Mail Sending App
  • 10 Dedicated IPs
  • IP Rotation: Yes
  • Statistics Report: Yes
  • Setup Fee $60/One time
$280 was $299.99Per Month
  • Daily Limit: 500000 mails
  • Dedicated SMTP Server
  • Mail Sending App
  • 20 Dedicated IPs
  • IP Rotation: Yes
  • Statistics Report: Yes
  • Setup Fee $70/One time
$499 was $549.99Per Month
  • Daily Limit: 1100000 mails
  • 2x CPU Dedicated SMTP Server
  • Mail Sending App
  • 45 Dedicated IPs
  • IP Rotation: Yes
  • Statistics Report: Yes
  • Setup Fee $80/One time

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What is your offer in Bulk Mailing?

You can send unlimited bulk mailing. By unlimited we means that get limit as on your SMTP pack Package email volume limit for per day and Per Month

How to create demo account?

Sorry, We don't offer for trail or demo, Cause after order we setup and config then get delivery. Its fully Dedicated System tahts why we don't provide it.

What is Dedicated IP and is it important for mass mailing?

A dedicated IP is a function offered by an bulk email hosting service in which bulk mail sender can send out all his mailings from just one specific IP address.

What is Un-Managed Hosting

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I need to hire the server configuration?

No, Your need to just place the order and then everything get ready setup from our end. and we will delivery you fully ready system for your instant bulk mailing.

Do you guarantee inbox of email?

We do not guarantee arrival in the inbox as this depends on the content sent and how the campaign was made, but we guarantee the perfect setting for all required signatures.

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